TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser


The TensCare itouch Pelvic Floor Exerciser is the budget option out of out top five, at only £54.95 it’s a third of the price of many of its competitors and does a decent job, all things considered, but is mainly focussed on incontinence.

It works in the same way as the Kegel8 products, with a probe that delivers electrical pulses and a main electronic unit with a black and white digital display. It has two leads, one of which plugs into the device and the other of which plugs into the probe. Read full review below.

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The programmes

There are four settings on the TensCare itouch (which is one area where it’s lacking over its pricier counterparts). These are:


(Possibly obviously) ‘Stress’ deals with stress incontinence, ‘Urge’ deals with urge incontinence, ‘Mix’ provides a combination of the two and ‘Tone’ is to keep everything in shape once you’re back to your lemon-squeezing best.

This highlights the main difference between the TensCare itouch and other pelvic toners out there – it almost exclusively deals with incontinence, which is where a lot of people’s problems lie, but there are a huge number of women with pelvic pain, prolapse, or, obviously new mothers who just need to to generally tighten the whole area. The muscles that are stimulated to combat incontinence are subtly different to those stimulated for these other conditions, so it’s important to get something suited to your issue.

How to use it

Either way, if you do suffer from urge or stress incontinence and decide to go for the itouch, a good 20-minute stint every day to begin with will get you used to the sensation and give you an idea of what level you should have it set to. From then on you can do it less regularly if you feel that your issues have been sorted, or up the ante if you’re feeling competitive with yourself.

It’s not particularly obvious what level you should start at, and the instructions don’t shed any light either, so it’s worth knowing that around 25 is about right. Even if you’re feeling impatient and think you can handle a bit more of an intensive workout, we highly recommend starting low and working your way up. If you go in too high you can find yourself contending with some fairly strong period-like pains to go with your incontinence. So take it easy to start with, you’ll quickly make it up through the levels.


If you’re only wanting to spend about £50 for something that will solve your incontinence issues, and are happy to put up with something quite functional and basic, this is the pelvic floor exerciser for you. However if your problems extend beyond incontinence or you’re looking for a pelvic toner that’s just more versatile, go for one of our other top 5.



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