Stokke Sleepi




Before you have a price-based heart attack, hold on – the Stokke Sleepi is designed to be the only bed your child will need from birth up the the age of 10. Which means that if you add up the cost of a standard moses basket, cot, toddler bed and children’s bed, this set-up is actually a bit of a bargain.  

As with all products from Norwegian legends Stokke, the Sleepi is incredibly well designed and will look amazing wherever it goes (on its swivel wheels) over the course of its life. Its unique oval shape creates a nest-like situation for your child, especially in the smallest crib format.

There are four mattress heights and you will need additional parts to convert it into a Stokke Sleepi Junior (from age 3 to 10), but all the transformations are easily done and well thought through.

Essentially, if you can afford it, buy it. It’s incredibly versatile, durable and will really hold its value. Although it’s unllkely you’ll ever want to part with it, because it effortlessly becomes a sofa or two chairs when it retires from duty as a bed!

KEY FEATURE: Adaptability.

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