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The Snuzpod is an ingenious wooden bedside crib that offers a great alternative to a Moses basket for parents wanting to co-sleep safely. It’s also the main competitor for the Chicco Next to Me.

As you can see in the pictures, your baby will have their own large crib, but by adjusting the height of the Snuzpod (37 – 58cm) and using the straps provided, it can be connected to your bed. This means you don’t have to lift your baby out of the Snuzpod for midnight feeds, you can just slide them closer to you and insert boob.

Read the pros and cons of the Snuzpod below.

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9 reasons to buy the Snuzpod

+ It’s immediately obvious how well the Snuzpod is made, being solid wood and with very few separate parts – nothing about it feels cheap (which is a relief, because it isn’t)

+ As a co-sleeping crib, the Snuzpod works a treat (unless you have a bed with a frame that sticks out further than the mattress – see in negatives below). It gives your baby a lot of their own space, but fits snugly up to your mattress with the straps provided.

+ It is also a rockable crib, much like your average Moses basket.

+ The Snuzpod’s bassinet is removable from the stand, and also rockable independently. this means you can use it away from the bedroom for daytime naps. This, plus the two features above, are the reason it’s referred to as a ‘3- in-1’ crib. Such versatility is unique to the Snuzpod, and chances are you’ll find yourself using all 3 features.

+ Due to its size (it’s 1m long), it will see you through longer than a traditional Moses basket. Snuzpod recommend up to 6 months, but realistically, we and many others have found that, depending on the size of your baby, you can easily push it to 8 months without feeling like they’re bursting out of it.

+ The Snuzpod’s solid wooden stand is foldable, so you can easily tuck it away when it’s not in use.

+ One side of the Snuzpod is mesh, which means that you have a viewing window onto the little person, allowing you to see what they’re up to without having to peer in, which can lead to getting yourself noticed, which can in turn lead to a ruckus.

+ The mattress that comes with the Snuzpod is good quality, soft and feels significantly more comfy than the one that comes with the Chicco Next To Me (many people end up buying a different mattress for the Chicco).

+ It’s won many an award – including most recently the Loved By Parents Platinum Award 2016 for ‘Best Sleep Solution’ and the Junior Magazine Platinum Award 2016 for ‘Best Cot Design’. These accolades aren’t just there for show, they mean that it has been put through rigorous testing and judging and come out on top.

3 reasons not to buy the Snuzpod

– If you have a bed with a frame that sticks out from the mattress, there will be a gap between the Snuzpod and your bed, which prevents proper co-sleeping. However this is an issue with any co-sleeping crib, such as the Chicco Next To Me.

– As it’s solid wood, it isn’t very light, which can be a bit of an issue when you’re wanting to transport the bassinet part to a different room for daytime naps. Its weight also makes it less than easy to rock back and forth.

– The Snuzpod is the most expensive in our top five, £20 more than the Chicco, but we feel this is with good reason due to its versatility and quality (see above).


All in all, the Snuzpod is the ultimate crib, the best you can get, and because of that, it comes with a decent sized price tag. However it’s so well made that it is the kind of piece that will last for generations and many-a-baby will thank you for the investment.


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