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The Shnuggle Moses Basket has a few features that make it a cut above the average. Rather than the standard wicker construction that makes up many Moses baskets, it’s plastic. This gives a modern edge to its traditional/vintage look, as well as adding the practicality and health benefits of being wipe clean.

The airflow hypoallergenic mattress that it comes with is touted as helping babies to sleep (this isn’t exactly easy to confirm, but our test baby slept as well in it as they did their own), and the deep padding provides a lovely cosy nest for them to snuggle into.

Another feature (which may not seem like a big deal if you haven’t experienced this frustration with other Moses baskets) is that the hood has a little locking mechanism to keep it in place, allowing it to actually serve a purpose rather than being purely decorative.

There are three stand options; foldingrocking, or curved, all of which are sold separately.

This is a well designed, good-looking Moses basket that is built to last and will keep your baby super snug.

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9 reasons to buy the Shnuggle Moses Basket

As mentioned above, the Shnuggle Moses basket is easy to clean and can be wiped with a gentle antibacterial cleaner (the smooth base leaves no room for dust and dirt to get trapped). The fabrics within the basket, including the mattress cover, are also machine washable.

It’s a really robust, sturdy bit of kit and you can tell at first touch that it’s not cheaply made. Yet it’s only 4kg, so is easy to move around.

It’s also immensely durable thanks to the first two points. It will easily serve many babies without deteriorating between uses.

The Shnuggle Moses basket base is also ventilated to allow air flow. Ventilation Is the main reason wicker is still used for many Moses baskets, as babies can quickly become hot little bods. Shnuggle have solved this by covering the base in 100% cotton waffle fabric with inner padding.

Wicker baskets can be creaky and noisy when the baby moves, sometimes waking them and you up. There’s nothing but blissful silence when your baby moves around in the Shnuggle Moses basket.

It has a hood lock mechanism, ensuring it stays up when put up (hoods often fall down on traditional Moses baskets, which can be infuriating).

It’s recommended that your baby is in your room for about 6 months, which can be tricky if you have a big baby and a normal Moses basket. The Shnuggle is larger than a traditional Moses basket, so they’ll have more room for longer.

It’s a stylish cot, you can tell a lot of effort has gone into the design and it comes in 5 muted colours, so it should fit well into any bedroom room or nursery.

The Shnuggle Moses basket comes with a hypoallergenic mattress that actually feels rather luxurious and kind of makes you want to climb in and snuggle down.

2 reasons not to buy the Shnuggle Moses Basket

– The stand is not included, but this is the case with most Moses baskets. There is the choice of a folding, curved or rocking stand.

– Some users have found that the cover for the basket is hard to get back on if taken off and washed.


Overall, the Shnuggle Moses basket is a cracking buy, and made our top five on the basis that for such a well-made piece of kit, it’s a great price, especially when you consider how many babies it will last through. Amazon is cheaper than Shnuggle’s website, so we recommend getting it there, at between £106 and 114, depending on which colour you go for.



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