OXO Tot Sprout



The Oxo Tot Sprout is a high chair that converts into a dining chair (taking your child from 6 months to 5 years) and, thanks to its well-considered design, won’t stand out like a sore (plastic) thumb.

It has wooden legs in a birch or walnut finish, and a smooth foam seat that comes in taupe, orange or green. Its streamlined, unfussy design makes it very easy to clean and stops the inevitable debris from getting trapped. The seat is also easily detachable (as is the tray), so you can carry it over to the sink and give it a brush-off.  

The five-point harness ensures they won’t go anywhere, but as your little diner gets older, these can be removed along with the seat post, the infant seat pads can be replaced with new ones and the height of the chair lowered. This will put your toddler right at the table, feeling like a big girl/boy.

An obvious downside to the OXO Tot Sprout is that whilst it has a pleasingly compact footprint when it’s at the table (0.24m squared), it doesn’t fold up. So if you need the space when your child’s not eating, you may want to go for something more adaptable (such as the Appetite or Poppy). However, we feel that since it looks more like an interesting piece of furniture than a high chair, it earns a permanent place at the table.

KEY FEATURES: Design, adaptability.

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