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The Nuna Sena travel cot is all about ease, being foldable with one hand (which is a bold and attractive claim that it shares with the BabyBjörn) and putting it up is also a breeze. This short video shows how simple both actions are. It’s hard to overestimate how much of a big deal this is until you’ve experienced the standard travel cot construction and destruction palava.  


It comes with a bassinet (an advantage it has over the BabyBjörn) that is essentially a second base that sits halfway up the cot, making it way easier for you to lift them out and attend to their needs. This bassinet can be used until your baby is around 7kg, and it folds with the rest of the cot, which gives you one less thing to think about.

Design & durability

It’s worth noting that aesthetically, it’s a cut above your average travel cot, with its distinctive diagonal struts (which actually enable the easy folding and constructing), minimal branding and an overall design that has really been thought through in every respect. It looks, and is, incredibly sturdy and will happily withstand the bumps and scrapes that befall any well-travelled travel cot.


This sturdiness comes at a price though – at 10kg it’s pretty heavy (twice the weight of the BabyBjörn), and as a result will either scupper any plans you have of travelling super light, or is more suitable as a temporary cot in one place (i.e. at the grandparents’).


However, if its bulk is too much of a stumbling block for you, There’s also a smaller version, the Nuna Sena Mini, which shares exactly the same features as its big brother, for £30 cheaper.

Dimensions (in cms)

Mini: H 58 x W 50 x D 90 – max child weight 9.7kg (approximately 12 – 18 months depending on the weight of your baby)
Full size: H 78 x W 75 x D 105 – max child weight 15kg (approximately 3 – 4.5 years depending on the weight of your child)


It comes with a lovely, comfortable mattress, which we recommend buying with the Nuna Sena fitted sheet to ensure it stays that way. This is made from Oeko-Tex fabric that’s touted as being best for babies, a feature it shares with the changing mat.


All-in-all, it is an expensive travel cot, but with good reason. It’s hassle-free, the larger version will see your child all the way up to a big bed and it will be robust enough to last through countless other nippers that you or your friends may have.

KEY FEATURES: Simplicity, durability.

Buy from John Lewis (lowest price)



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