Munchkin Jump About Door Bouncer


Babies love a bit of bouncing, and they love it even more when they’re doing it themselves. This classic door bouncer helps them to develop the muscles in their little legs whilst hanging off a sturdy doorframe.

Needless to say, this sturdy doorframe doesn’t come included, so you need to figure out if your house has the necessary infrastructure for such a piece of equipment. It needs to be a minimum of 0.5 inches/1.5 cms wide, and the wall above the door frame must be at least 4 inches/10 cms thick, so get the measuring tape out before you commit to this one.

If you’re good to go, it’s worth considering that a door bouncer won’t last you for too long  as babies can only use them once they can support their own neck, then it’s not wise to have them in it when they’re over 12 kg. But you should probably see this as an extra to a normal bouncer, giving them a change of scenery and exercise.

It has an adjustable harness, velcro straps and back buckle to keep your baby safe and comfy as they test the structural integrity of your house. They will love it though, and it’s genuinely hilarious to watch them s as they get their heads round the concept of supporting themselves.

KEY FEATURE: Price, exercise.

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