Mountain Buggy Pod Travel High Chair


As with Mountain Buggy’s actual buggies, this is an extremely well-thought-out product. It comes at the travel high chair game from a completely different angle, eliminating the need for a chair to strap it to and creating something only requiring a table in order to function.

Is has two clamps that attach to the edge of the table, putting your child right in amongst the action (and within easy reaching distance of all the breakables). There is also an internal lap strap to keep them there. We were a little concerned that the clamps would leave marks on the table, but they’re suitably padded to ensure no harm is done.

The main drawback is that these clamps are relatively narrow, so it doesn’t fit tables with thick tops. In reality we haven’t found any tables that weren’t suitable, but it could be a little frustrating if you get caught short in an eatery full of butcher’s blocks.

It’s lightweight and folds flat, making for easy transportation. And although it isn’t machine washable, it is thoroughly wipe clean and doesn’t have any nooks or crannies for food to get stuck in.

At £48 it is at the higher end, but it’s so innovative and instantly gets your child to the exact position they need to be at the table – it’s amazing how rare that is with travel high chairs.

KEY FEATURE: Position at table.

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