Motorola MBP 36S


Durability isn’t mentioned anywhere as a key feature of the Motorola MBP 36S, but ours has been dropped, bashed and transported so many times and it’s barely batted an eyelid (it doesn’t have eyelids). But a brick this ain’t – it’s a high tech video monitor with excellent screen quality (colour in light, infrared in the dark) and the camera is remote-controlled from the parent unit, so if your baby shuffles out of shot, you can follow them.

The two-way monitor allows you to talk to your baby and soothe them back to sleep. The temperature gauge lets you know the warmth of the room without driving you crazy with incessant beeping if it is too hot (a surprising number of monitors do this). It also has lullabies which we have used in moments of desperation (you’re lucky if they do the trick). It has a good range of 300m and it will beep at you as soon as you take it beyond this.

Essentially, this is an excellent, easy to use video monitor that will happily withstand the rigours of daily life.

KEY FEATURES: Durability, simplicity.

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