Mokee Mini Cot with Aloe Vera mattress


The Mokee Mini Cot is compact, versatile, traditionally-designed, and an all-round winner. Its size means it can slot in neatly next to your bed and be used from birth, but, with the removal of one of its sides, it’s big enough to become a toddler bed . The Mokee Mini Cot comes in five on-trend, muted colours and is made from sustainable beech, so it does well on the eco front too. But one of its most attractive features is the price, which, for something that will see you from birth to three years, represents incredible value for money. READ OUR FULL REVIEW BELOW, where we’ve listed the pros and cons of the Mokee Mini Cot.

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6 reasons to buy the Mokee Mini Cot

+ What makes the Mokee Mini Cot a rare and wonderful thing is that it sees your child through from birth to three years old (or 15kg). This is made possible by there being 2 base heights – one up high for newborns (38cm from floor), then one lower down when they’re a bit older (21 cms from floor), PLUS the option to remove one side, thereby making it into a toddler bed.

+ The other major factor in the Mokee Mini Cot’s versatility is its compact dimensions. At L 124 x W 64 x H 84 cm, it’s small enough to fit down the side of most beds, which, when the base is on the high setting, ensures it works perfectly for the newest babies out there. Most other cots available are pretty chunky pieces of kit that are built on the assumption that they’ll be the main piece of furniture in a toddler’s room.

+ The Mokee Mini Cot is made from birch, a hardwood that’s much more solid and sturdy than pine. This is obvious when you handle the cot, it has a satisfying weight to it and feels very robust.

+ The Mokee Mini Cot is very easy to put together, with Mokee’s claim of it being possible to assemble it in a mere 15 minutes being absolutely true. There are only 6 parts to it, plus a few screws and an allen key.

+ Mokee have got it totally right with the cot’s range of muted, on-trend colours. They’re Stone Blue (a kind of dark grey/blue), Ivory Plum (a dusty pink), Dusty Aqua (a dusty turquoise), Stone Teal (a kind of dark grey/green) and white. The paint is also eco-friendly and water-based.

+ The aloe vera mattress is very comfortable – this sounds obvious, but it’s surprising how common it is for cot mattresses to be a little on the hard side, and whilst babies aren’t fussy, it seems a little harsh not to give them a bit of extra comfort, given the amount of time they spend in there. The mattress cover is also easily removable.

2 reasons not to buy the Mokee Mini Cot

– Delivery times aren’t always the quickest – Mokee themselves say 2 – 6 weeks for the Mokee Mini Cot, which is a fair window of variation, and some folks have experienced it taking up to 7 weeks, which is less than ideal. However plenty of plenty of customers have also happily reported it being delivered sooner than estimated. Either way it’s pot-luck, so best to leave plenty of time before your baby is due.

– Whilst the toddler bed arrangement on the Mokee Mini Cot is great and easy to switch to, some people do find the remaining 3 high cot sides a bit restrictive, as a larger child’s longer limbs can potentially find the slatted sides slightly uncomfortable, whereas a bed without sides would give them the necessary freedom of movement. However it’s worth noting that we didn’t find this to be an issue.


The Mokee Mini Cot is a standout piece of kit due to its versatility, price, build quality and design. It’s exceptionally popular and has legions of fans whose children have had years of happy nights snuggled up in it.