Moby Fit Baby Wrap


The Moby Wrap is essentially a large piece of soft stretchy cotton that allows you to carry your baby in a cosy pouch that is created when you wrap it around yourself. The weight of your baby is distributed across your hips and shoulders, creating a very ergonomic, supportive carrying situation.

Tying it does take a bit of practice, but once you have it sussed, you and your little one will get a lot out of the experience. You’ll find the Moby wrap a very natural way to carry your baby, and feels as close as possible to them being back in your tummy. Some people even use them as support for their bump in the final stages of pregnancy.

I used mine much more around the house than our other baby carriers, as it just felt so comfortable – essentially just like wearing a tshirt. It’s also just as washable as a t-shirt, so stains (milk or otherwise) are a non-issue.

It won’t last you forever, but you’ll love using it when your baby is at their smallest.


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