Lady Bakewell-Park Biscuits

New mums need feeding too! A good mantra to adopt is: don’t turn up to meet a new baby without at least a packet of nice biscuits for the new mama. Chances are she won’t have had a chance to go to the shops to stock her cupboards but she would like to offer visitors something to munch on with a cup of tea (that the visitors will hopefully make for themselves).

If you’re miles away and can’t deliver yourself, or are just waiting until she’s settled down a bit before visiting, she will still be in need of sweet treats. Worry not, as Lady Bakewell-Park is your new friend.

Her awesome biscuits, each of which has a pick-me-up message branded into the irresistible salted caramel icing, are sure to win you brownie points (she does brownies too. And Bakewell tarts). They look amazing and taste incredible.

I’m going to spoil the surprise for any pregnant mum friends of mine: you can confidently expect Lady B’s biscuits to arrive on your doorstep on arrival of a new babe.

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