Kub Dreema Cot



As well as coming in White and Dark, this stylish cot also comes with green credentials. Having been made from sustainably-sourced pine, it’ll give your nursery an eco-friendly glow.

We love its curved edges, which not only move it away from the typical cot design, but also ensure that there are no sharp corners to catch your baby or hip on. It has two mattress positions (higher for when they’re younger and lower for when they look like they’re planning their escape route).

On Amazon at the moment it’s only £149.99 including the mattress, which is a great price for such a sturdy, stylish piece of nursery furniture (that’s also reassuringly easy to assemble). 

There is also a matching changing table, which can revolutionise the whole nappy-based process, especially if you suffer from any kind of back pain.

KEY FEATURE: Design, price.

Buy from Amazon (lowest price)

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