kGoal Smart Pelvic Floor Exerciser


The kGoal Smart Pelvic Floor Exerciser is in exactly the same camp as the Elvie, but with a few differences that are reflected in the £50 cheaper price point. It’s a neat wireless device that syncs with your phone via Bluetooth and feels much more modern than the Kegel8-style pelvic floor exerciser.

It claims to be the world’s smartest Kegel exerciser offering ‘a unique combination of ‘guidance, tracking, biofeedback and personalised workouts’. It comes with a free app (as does Elvie), which acts as the control centre for the device. Read full review below

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Squeeze Pillow

The main kGoal device itself is pretty nifty. It’s called a Squeeze Pillow and the large part is inserted, while the thinner part is what you use to take it out. However there’s a little button (called the Comfort Vent) at the end of it that can be used to inflate or deflate the ‘pillow’ part so that you can adjust it to what’s comfortable. This is pretty ingenious as anyone suffering from pelvic pain doesn’t want to be inserting something too large or uncomfortable. You can then re-inflate it once it’s inserted, then you’re off. This is best explained in this video.

The kGoal app

Much like Elvie, it comes with an app (demonstrated in the video below) that acts as the main hub, containing a wide variety of programmes and challenges. It’s very well-designed and user-friendly, and it’s a very tough call on which app we preferred between this and Elvie. Both show you your progress in very ‘gamified’ ways, encouraging you to keep going to the next level, pushing yourself further. This is exactly what you need when doing exercise of any kind – goals and encouragement. In this sense it’s faultless, it will keep you going back and wanting more, trying to better your last score. 

kGoal vs Elvie

As it’s a direct competitor of Elvie, it’s important to be clear on the advantages are of one over the other:

  • Elvie has a jaw-dropping month’s battery life while kGoal has a paltry 2 hours. Practically, this makes a massive difference as you literally have to recharge the kGoal every time you use it, which isn’t ideal.
  • kGoal is recharged via USB, which is what you expect, but Elvie takes it to another level by having a carry case that recharges the ‘pod’ for you. Between this and the battery life it essentially means you never have to think about recharging it, whereas with the kGoal it feels like that’s all you ever do.
  • On first glance the kGoal looks a lot like a vibrator, which means it’s not something you’re necessarily going to be ok just flinging in loose into your handbag. Elvie have covered this issue with the carry case that looks totally innocuous.
  • Some users have reported Bluetooth connectivity issues with their phone, but we didn’t experience any problems.
  • However the kGoal is £50 cheaper, which is pretty significant.


All in all, the kGoal is a great product, it’s well thought out, well designed, intuitive and innovative. Only you can decide whether battery life and appearance are deal breakers, but for us the Elvie pips the kGoal on enough points to justify the extra money.



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