Jellycat bunny


This seems a little obvious, but believe us, the ubiquitous Jellycat bunny is everywhere for a reason. Who knows whether it’s the softness, the ears or the paws, but babies can’t get enough of these bunnies.

It comes in a good few different sizes and colours. At last count, we had 10 in our house – 2 ‘big’ bunnies (the size of your average 1 year old, which they love snuggling up to), 6 ‘medium’ bunnies (the most popular choice)  and 2 ‘tiny’ bunnies (more transportable).

And remember to buy more than one, so if any of them get caught in the crossfire of baby fluids, there’s always a backup. Plus as they get older, it’s not good when they get attached to a single cuddly that could disappear on a trip to the shops (See ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes).

Other Jellycat animals are available (but after years of throughly unscientific research, our conclusion is that the bunnies are best).

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