IKEA Antilop


This ubiquitous high chair offers truly incredible value for money (the price isn’t missing a 0, it’s actually £13).

You would expect something this cheap to come with a whole host of issues that you just have to put up with, but it doesn’t. It keeps your child strapped in, upright, and is a dream to clean. The tray is detachable so they can feed at the table, or have their own little setup.

It does have quite a large footprint as the legs splay outwards for stability, but once you’ve caught your foot on it a few times you instinctively give it a wide berth. It also doesn’t fold up, so if you’re pushed for space it may not be the best answer.

Overall though, given the fact that it’s almost free (it’s £9 without the tray), it’s one more thing to be thankful to IKEA for, and is perfect for grandparents to have in the garage in case you drop by with the adorables.


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