Ewan the Dream Sheep



Ewan the Dream Sheep seems like a gimmick, but the truth is that whilst his wooly persona is largely irrelevant, the noises he makes are like audio gold dust to tiny squidgy folk.

Ewan plays heartbeat and womb sounds that are actual recordings –  paediatric research has proved that such sounds have a calming effect on even the most unsettled baby.

But it’s not just womb noises. Ewan the Dream Sheep goes above and beyond, giving you the extra options of Vacuum cleaner (!), rain and harp recordings to choose from, all of which are combined with mum’s resting heartbeat. These may sound like odd choices, but in numerous trials they were the most effective on babies and toddlers, which is why they made the cut.

We used him (the grey version in fact) with our youngest from when she was tiny, and the gentle wave-like sounds were an absolute fixture of bedtime. If she was ever having a rough night or not particularly agreeing that it was bed time, Ewan proved remarkably persuasive.

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