Ergobaby Swaddler


Babies invariably wake themselves up in the night by flailing their arms around and hitting themselves in the face. The solution to this evolutionary mishap is swaddling. It gives babies a womb-like feeling of security and results in calm, sleeping little folk. All of ours loved a good swaddle.

The Ergobaby Sleep Well Swaddler makes it so much easier to tuck them up tight – the whole process with a normal blanket can be a little fiddly, especially if you’re operating with only a couple of hours’ sleep under your belt.  You simply place your baby’s feet in the pouch, hold their arms down and wrap twice.

Don’t worry if they resist to begin with, persevere with it and you’ll soon have a compact little bundle who just accepts swaddling as part of the bedtime drill.

The price above is for a pack of 2.

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