Ergobaby Original


Any of the Ergobaby carriers (or indeed the BabyBjorn Carrier One) are a perfect middle ground for people who don’t want a cumbersome mountaineering-style rigid frame rucksack (which simply don’t stack up when compared to a good quality soft carrier in our opinion) but want more structure than is offered by a traditional sling. This one is suitable from birth (with the Infant Insert) up to four years (20 kg).

I had back problems with our first baby and I was convinced the carrier we were using wasn’t helping. We then switched to the Ergobaby Original, which distributes the weight across hips and shoulders, making it so comfortable to wear, and my back problems disappeared.

The main difference between The Ergobaby Omni 360 and the Ergobaby Original is the number of carrying positions – this has only three (and is £50 cheaper), versus the 360’s four. The three positions are; on your front (facing you), on your back or on your hip. It holds your baby in a cosy, soft but structured seated position.

If you’re not aware of Ergobaby, they’re a great brand with high eco and ethical standards, and they even do tiny versions of the Original for toddlers! (we bought one for our 3 year old to put her dolls in while she trots around the house and she can’t get enough of it).

A small downside is that putting the Ergobaby on your back when there’s nobody to lend a hand can be a little tricky and will probably make you a little nervous, so it’s generally best to stick to one of the other two positions unless there’s somebody else around to put  your baby’s little legs and arms in the right place.

KEY FEATURES: Versatility, comfort.

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