Close Caboo Cotton Blend Carrier


This is a lovely first carrier that will get you used to the idea of having your baby attached to you wherever you go. The Caboo is so easy to use and keeps your baby feeling snuggly nested, as well as being incredibly lightweight.

It has lovely wide straps for support and secure, stretchy binding. It is easily tightened by pulling the fabric through two sets of rings, meaning you don’t have to do any fiddly tying, as you do with other stretchy slings.

It allows you to carry your baby in the recommended ‘frog-leg’ position (which is believed to be ideal for their developing hips and spine) and breastfeed easily and comfortably whilst in the sling. It is suitable up to 14.5 kg (which in theory could be up to age two, but with this carrier it is more likely to be between 12-15 months depending on your baby).

It made it into our top five due to its simplicity, and it really is a great option if you’re not wanting to splash out on a more long-term carrier just yet.

KEY FEATURES: Price, simplicity.

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