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The Chicco Next To Me is a very nifty, versatile crib that gives you the option of a co-sleeper arrangement and a stand alone cot. The former option allows you to have your baby within easy breast-feeding range without getting into the minefield that is having them in your actual bed.

Much like the Snuzpod (which is arguably the Chicco Next To Me crib’s biggest competitor), it has one zip-up side that allows you easy drop-down access from the bed when they’re younger, but which acts as a solid side as they get older.

Below we’ve listed the pros and cons of the Chicco Next To Me, as found by us and other reviewers out there.


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8 reasons to buy the Chicco Next To Me Crib

+ The Chicco Next To Me crib is incredibly easy to set up, being adjustable to six different heights (from 35 to 52 cm), depending on the height of your bed, with straps to secure it in place. It also has foldable feet, which can be flattened out so that it can stand flush to the side of your bed. The zip-down side completes the transformation, enabling it to become a little annex to your bed. Reversing the process is equally easy when you feel that they (and you) need a little independence.

+ Another great feature (and relatively rare one amongst cribs) is that you can tilt the Chicco Next To Me crib, making it higher at one end than the other, which can be a massive plus if your baby has reflux or congestion. We only had a basic Moses basket for our babies and had to prop it up with books to achieve this effect, which is less than ideal.

+  At 93(l) x 69(d) x 66-88(h), it is bigger than your average Moses basket, so there’s little danger of your baby growing out of it before you’re ready to get them into their own room. It estimates that a 9kg baby will comfortably fit in the Chicco Next To Me crib, which is estimated to be about 6 months.

+ The Chicco Next To Me also packs away satisfyingly easily, and with the use of the travel bag (included) can be used as a newborn travel cot.

+ Much like the Snuzpod, the Chicco Next To Me is a cut above your average crib, offering a wealth of innovations and giving you loads of options from day one.

+ The Chicco Next To Me comes with a mattress (this isn’t the case with all Moses baskets and cribs).

+ It also has wheels for easy movement – again, this is rarely ever the case with cribs or Moses baskets (the Snuzpod doesn’t have wheels, for instance).

+ It is available in Dove (pictured), Silver and Fuchsia, all of which are good colour options that withstand the obvious baby-related stains.

3 reasons not to buy the Chicco Next To Me Crib

– Quite a few people find the mattress that comes with the Chicco Next To Me too hard. Whilst babies have very little weight and therefore don’t need a super soft mattress (they don’t compress what’s beneath them enough to get much of an impression of how soft or hard it is), you may want an alternative. This SUZY mattress is made to fit the Chicco Next To Me and ticks all the mattress boxes (microfibre, hypoallergenic etc), including, crucially, being super soft.

– As is the case with all co-sleeping cribs, they only go right up to your bed if your bed doesn’t have a frame the juts out at all. Essentially your mattress has to be flush with the base of your bed, otherwise there’ll be a gap. This isn’t a deal-breaker as it still makes the side-down co-sleeping thing possible, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

– If you have a super kingsize bed, the straps for the Chicco Next To Me will not fit all the way round it to secure the crib. It’s up to you whether this is an important point, as we have only ever used it without the straps and never had an issue (but this isn’t the recommended safe way of doing things, just lazy parenting on our part).


The Chicco Next To Me is a cracking crib that really packs in a load of innovation and thinks of almost everything to make the co-sleeping dream possible. There’s the hard mattress drawback, but you can get round this if it’s an issue for you. It has legions of fans who have thoroughly loved using it for a good few months of their child’s life, and it’s easy to see why.


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