Chicco Balloon Bouncer


This bouncer is somewhere in-between the Jumperoo and the BabyBjörn bouncer, having a range of battery-operated entertainment options, combined with the option to fold easily. 

It’s a very padded little seat and babies are guaranteed to feel snug in it as they relax or play with the ‘balloon’ toy bar that will help develop their hand-eye co-ordination. The headrest is adjustable to 3 positions, depending on how active they’re feeling, and there’s a rocking, static or (seemingly unique) vibrating option to help you keep things interesting.

The lining is removable and washable, which is a relief, and it’s generally a very easy piece of kit to maintain. One downside is that it does take up a decent amount of space – more so than the BabyBjörn – but given that it folds so easily, the option is there to put it away at night, saving you tripping over it while preparing dinner.

It’s suitable from birth up to about approxiately 6 months, and is really very well priced for all it offers.

KEY FEATURES: Cosiness, Price.

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