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Babies don’t know much, but they seem to be able to tell a budget blanket from a luxury one. They’re instinctively attracted to soft things (see Jellycat bunny) and it doesn’t get any softer than cashmere.

A cashmere baby blanket is a magical thing. It keeps babies warm in winter and is cool next to the skin in summer. It doesn’t need regular washing (unless there’s a nappy malfunction), and is amazingly durable for something so delicate.

We took ours to the hospital with us to lay over our babies in their first few hours. This ensured that those wonderful newborn smells were absorbed after they’d made the thoroughly daunting move from womb to world. This double whammy of familiarity and comfort are what make it so key to the sleeping game.

Although it may seem like a bit of an indulgence, its durability also means that it will become an heirloom that can be passed down and loved by brothers and sisters. Be sure to drop a few hints in the direction of a doting grandparent or loving aunty or uncle if they’re keen to get a memorable gift that will be cherished.

Love Cashmere have a gorgeous baby blanket on Amazon at a good price (see button below) and we love this one from John Lewis.

'Love Cashmere' blanket on Amazon

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