BabyBjörn Carrier One


The new Baby Carrier One is the first BabyBjörn carrier that will see you and your baby from birth up to around three years (15 kgs) without the need for additional inserts. You can carry your baby in four different positions; high up on your chest, next to your heart, outward facing or on your back (from 12 months).

It’s super easy to take on and off by yourself, with a comforting clicking sound letting you know you’ve put it on properly. The Baby Carrier One has been been designed to be incredibly comfortable even when worn over long periods thanks to its padded straps – one fastening around the hips the other at the top of the back (just below the shoulder blades) to allow even weight distribution.

BabyBjörn has a selection of baby carriers (‘One’, ‘We’, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Original’), but after extensive testing this one pips the others due to its sheer versatility and comfort. There is an ‘Air’ version of the Carrier One, which is made from a breathable meshed fabric. It’s an extra £20 and we didn’t find the normal version to be a particularly sweaty experience, so unless you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking in it, you may be better saving your money.

It’s made from machine washable fabric (free from harmful chemicals and allergens) allowing you to rid it of squished up biscotti or milky dribble without any stress.

This is a really great product from the company that has been setting the standard in carriers since the early 70s.

KEY FEATURES: Versatility, comfort.

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