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The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is a lovely, stylish, simple bouncer that is designed to last (ours has seen us through a lot of babies and looks as good as new).

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer cover is snug and easily removed from the metal frame, so you can throw it in the wash when there’s a yoghurt/vomit incident.

It has different height settings, can be stored flat when you’re between babies and is very lightweight. This means the Baby Bjorn Bouncer can go wherever you go around the house, and even makes popping it in the car and taking it on holidays an option.

You can buy it without the spinning toy, but considering the hours of fun our babies have had from it, together with the pleasure of seeing their little fingers spinning it for the first time, it’s totally worth buying – choose from the wooden toy or flying friends

As a word of warning, toddler siblings may want to pull it down at the back and turn it into a baby catapult when you’re not looking.

It comes in a staggering variety colours and fabrics, and stocks vary greatly from week to week. Just follow the link below which will take you to a search result on Amazon so you can see what’s available right now.

READ OUR FULL REVIEW BELOW, where we’ve listed the pros and cons of the Baby Bjorn Bouncer.

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7 reasons to buy the Baby Bjorn Bouncer

+ The Baby Bjorn Bouncer scores big for being compact and unobtrusive wherever you take it. If it’s sitting in your home it looks great, and isn’t a bright lump of flashing plastic in the corner that you’re just waiting for them to grow out of. It also travels well, even fitting in a decent-sized suitcase by flattening down.

+ It’s a really cosy thing for your babies to sit in. The fitted fabric seat moulds itself to your baby’s body and distributes weight evenly. This gives your baby good support, which is particularly important for very young babies whose muscles are not yet fully developed. Baby Bjorn have even gone the whole hog and consulted paediatricians on the design. Basically if your baby likes being in a sling, they should like the Baby Bjorn Bounce because the back is designed in the same way, moulding to the baby’s shape.

+ The bouncing motion is very simple and intuitive, and a big plus is that your baby will learn to bounce themselves by kicking their legs. Once they’ve figured this out, they can’t get enough of it and you’ll be free to do all the jobs you’ve put off for the last 3 months.

+ We’ve had a Baby Bjorn Bouncer for a couple of babies and didn’t realise this – when your child gets older, you can turn the cover inside out (it’s more durable on the other side), remove the T-bar and the bouncer becomes a comfy little chair for children up to the age of two, once they’ve learned to walk. This extends the life of the bouncer and makes it even more of a worthwhile investment.

+ The Baby Bjorn Bouncer cover comes in a variety of fabrics, and all are very soft on baby’s delicate skin. The main ones are made with 100% organically grown cotton (Certified in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)) and a new breathable mesh (called Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss) that is best suited to hot climates.

+ It’s incredibly durable – there are virtually no breakable parts on it, and because the Baby Bjorn Cover is easily removable and machine washable, no spillage or bodily eruptions will phase it. Ours has been washed many many times and comes out as good as new. It will outlast your babies being babies, at which point you can pass it onto a grateful friend.

+ Baby Bjorn are well known for their excellent customer service, so if anything goes wrong or you have something you want to discuss with them, they will in all likelihood respond very quickly and sort it right out for you without any fuss.

2 reasons not to buy the Baby Bjorn Bouncer

– The Baby Bjorn Bouncer isn’t something you can put on a table or counter top – it’s not entirely clear why, but it’s not designed for it, so they only recommend it being used on the floor. This can cause issues if you have any kind of back trouble, as you’re bending down to lift them out. If you’re after something that’s more at waist height, go for the Skip Hop Multi-level Baby Bouncer, which goes up to 34 inches.

– This isn’t a rocker, it’s a simple design that’s battery-free and leaves the bouncing up to the baby. Therefore newborns won’t do much bouncing as they haven’t got control of their limbs. We haven’t covered rockers in our top five, but if that’s what you’re looking for, something like the Graco Lovin’ Hug would be a better bet.


The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is a bit of a modern classic for a reason – it’s simply designed, but will keep babies happy for ages, sunggled in the soft, supportive fabric. We’ve been using one for years and it’s literally part of the furniture. One customer’s thoughts on Amazon summed it up perfectly:

‘Perfect size and shape. Washed like a ribbon. Press buy, it’s awesome, wish we had bought it earlier.’

*Never heard the phrase ‘washed like a ribbon’ before, but love it.


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