Angelcare AC1100

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If you get the feeling you’re going to want to check on your baby every 10 seconds, this is the best baby monitor to put your mind at rest. As well as being a rather advanced video monitor, it is also also able to detect movement, thanks to a mat that lies beneath your baby, sounding an alarm if there is no motion for 20 seconds.

On a scale of basic to high tech, this is the highest. But whilst the setup isn’t exactly plug in and go (for example the mat needs a fair bit of attention to get it perfect for your child and preferences) it’s not a head scratcher either – it’s no more involved than a mobile phone.

The sound quality is exceptional and the HD colour video is on a touch screen that’s super intuitive and literally puts a load of useful features at your fingertips. Of course this all comes at a price (it’s the most expensive baby monitor on the market)  but given everything it allows you to do, it’s the next best thing to being in the same room as your baby.

KEY FEATURE: All-rounder.

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