About us

Welcome to Top Five Baby. You may be asking yourself:

What is this?

Top Five Baby is a site that was created out of a desire to make the process of buying baby kit easier. There are so many products out there and so much information about them, that the whole thing becomes overwhelming very quickly. Especially given that the point at which you’re buying baby kit is fairly hectic anyway.

We just wanted it to be simple when we were new parents, so we’ve found the top five products in each category and provided links to the best prices.  

Aside from simplifying the decision-making, we’ve also kept the site clean, uncluttered and free of ads, so you don’t feel like you’re being pulled in 10 directions at once.

Who are we?

We are parents who, through the sheer grind (and joy!) of parenting, have gone through so many products. As a result, we know what makes a good buggy, highchair, cot, bouncer etc, and what the pitfalls are, because goodness knows we’ve found ourselves in them.

Why top five? Why not ten? Or three?

After extensive whittling down, it became clear that a choice of ten products in each category didn’t really make the decision-making process any easier. You would still have baby-based information overload.

On the other hand, three seemed like we were taking all the choice away, and missing out some humdingers in the process.

So five was a perfect middle ground, giving you a broad spread without frying your brain.

How do we decide on the top five?

We have (and continue to) test a seemingly endless array of baby products to find the elusive top five, buying them out of our own pocket to ensure we’re not swayed by freebies.

We only recommend products we absolutely believe deserve a spot in the coveted top five. We’ve also naturally experienced a huge number of products over the course of our parenting lives and have used this knowledge to make each of our top fives into little golden nuggets of baby info.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, or just want to say hi, we’d love to hear it:

Email us at topfivebaby@gmail.com

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Also, if you like Top Five Baby, please share it with friends. We’re determined not to have ads, so we get a small percentage of each sale that results from clicking through any link on our site. So the more people who visit, the more we can keep this going, keep adding new top five baby sections and updating the current ones. Thank you, and happy parenting!

The Top Five Baby team   x